Can Gorillas Swim?

can gorillas swim

The gorilla is one of the largest and strongest mammals in the world. Yet, some people think gorillas can’t swim. So what is the truth? Can gorillas swim?

The answer is ‘YES.’ Gorillas can swim. Some gorillas are famous for being excellent swimmers. 

There are a few documented cases of gorillas swimming long distances. 

Unfortunately, it’s not clear how these gorillas learned to swim. But it seems they could do so reasonably quickly.

Gorillas Habitat

Gorillas inhabit the rain forests of central Africa. The dense, humid forest is their natural habitat. 

The gorillas live in groups of around 10-15 individuals. And feed on fruit, leaves, and other vegetation. 

They are active at all hours of the day and night. And can reach speeds of up to 40 mph when fleeing danger.

Gorilla Swimming Behavior And Ecology

Gorillas are the largest primates and can easily swim long distances. Some of these animals’ behaviors for swimming include flipping their bodies over. 

And using their arms and legs to move through the water. And they are propelling themselves with their tails. 

Gorillas live in various habitats, including forests, rivers, and lakes. Their aquatic behavior is a result of these different environments.

Gorilla Swimming Behavior And Ecology

Can Gorillas Swim?

Gorillas are the giant primates on the planet, and they can swim very well. Some researchers believe that gorillas can swim up to 50 meters below the water level. 

Gorillas use their arms and legs to move through the water. And their tails to help control their direction. They also use their hair to hold onto objects in the water. 

Gorillas also use their fingers to grab branches, rocks, and other things. 

Gorillas are powerful swimmers, and they can swim underwater for long periods. They can even dive down to the bottom of the river or lake and stay submerged there for a long time.

How Do Gorillas Swim?

The way gorillas swim is different from how humans swim. Nevertheless, swimming is an essential part of gorilla life. 

Gorillas use their webbed feet and tails for swimming powerfully through the water. 

They use their powerful arms and legs to move through the water. And grab onto branches or rocks in their environment.

Can Gorillas Swim Underwater?

Gorillas can swim underwater, but they do so with some difficulty. This is because gorillas have a long snout and relatively large ears. That helps them stay submerged for a short time. 

They also have webbed feet, which makes them very good, swimmers. However, gorillas cannot stay underwater for extended periods because they need to come up for air.

Are Gorillas Afraid Of Water?

Gorillas are one of the most iconic animals in the world. And for a good reason- they’re massive, furry, and have impressive strength. 

But how do gorillas fare when it comes to fear of water? They’re not as scared of it as some might think. 

In fact, according to a study published in the journal Primates, gorillas are pretty good swimmers. 

Researchers studied three groups of mountain gorillas living in different parts of Rwanda. 

One group lived near a river that was free from human interference. 

Another group lived near a river where humans had built a dam. That cut off water flow to their habitat. 

The third group lived near a river. The flow had been reduced by half due to human construction. But still flowed over boulders and into pools.

Why Don’t Gorillas Naturally Swim?

There are many theories on why gorillas don’t naturally swim. Some say that their arms and legs are too short and stubby to use their body in the water efficiently. 

Others say they don’t have enough muscle mass to support themselves. And would quickly become exhausted. 

Still, others believe that swimming is not a natural behavior for gorillas. Instead, it requires them to use their hands and arms, which are not as strong as their legs. 

Whatever the reason, most gorillas stick to land-based activities such as foraging and socializing.

Are Gorillas Good Swimmers?

Gorillas are one of the most physically imposing creatures on the planet. Their powerful builds and large bodies mean they can swim powerfully. 

Like all great swimmers, gorillas have solid backs and broad shoulders. That helps them quickly move through the water.

They use their tails to steer and propel themselves through the water. And using their arms to break the surface for air. 

Gorillas also have webbed feet that allow them to stay afloat for extended periods. All in all, these apes are excellent swimmers!

When Do Gorillas Like To Swim?

Gorillas are one of the most popular animals on safari due to their impressive size and behavior. 

Unfortunately, very little is known about how they enjoy the water. However, a recent study has shown that gorillas do indeed enjoy swimming. 

During the research, groups of gorillas were seen swimming at Rwanda’s Pool of Monkeys.

The researchers found that when the apes were playing around in the water. They often swim toward an area with more turbulent water.

However, they also seemed to enjoy splashing each other and diving underwater. 

This suggests that these animals have a natural affinity for swimming. And may use it for relaxation or play.

How To Train A Gorilla To Swim?

Anyone who has ever been to the zoo knows that gorillas are robust and agile. But unfortunately, many people think that because gorillas are so strong, they cannot swim. 

In reality, a gorilla can swim quite well if appropriately trained. You can do this in a variety of ways. 

The first and easiest way is to build a pool for the gorilla. This can be done using a large plastic tub as the main body of the collection. Next, cut out a few holes for the gorilla to use as exits. 

The gorilla can then be taught to swim using a floating ring or ring stand. Another method is to teach the gorilla to swim with the help of a life jacket. 

This can be done in many ways and can take time for the gorilla to learn how to use it.

Which Apes Can Swim Fast?

As apes, we humans are built with several physical abilities that set us apart from other animals. 

One of these unique features is our ability to swim. Some primates have been swimming at high speeds. But which apes can swim the fastest? 

Primates such as gibbons and orangutans are well-known for their agility and speed in the trees. But their swimming abilities are unknown. 

In 2006, scientists investigated the swimming ability of two gorillas: Dian Fossey’s mountain gorilla Karis and Roger Fouts’s western lowland gorilla Gizi. 

The researchers filmed them swimming at different speeds in a pool. And found that Gizi was faster than Karis. 

In addition, Gizi reached the pool’s bottom more than Karis before stopping.

Can A Gorilla Make A Good Pet?

Do you want a gentle and loving pet or one that is tough and independent? If you answered “pet gorilla,” chances are you’re thinking about getting one. 

People have domesticated gorillas for centuries, and they make excellent pets. 

They are intelligent animals. And perhaps if you provide enough stimulation. They will be happy and healthy.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering bringing a gorilla into your home: 

  • First and foremost, get permission from your local wildlife authority before adopting or purchasing a gorilla. 
  • Please ensure the gorilla is appropriately socialized and used to humans before taking it home. 
  • Provide plenty of toys and other activities for the gorilla to keep it entertained.
  • Always remember that gorillas are still wild animals. And can pose a danger to humans at any time.
  • Perhaps you plan to take a gorilla into your home. And ensure you have the right equipment to care for them.

Is It Legal To Pet A Gorilla In The United States?

Unfortunately, the answer is complicated. In some places, it is, while in others, it is not. 

The Animal Welfare Act of 1985 makes it illegal to “intentionally deprive an animal of food, water, shelter, or necessary medical care.” 

This includes any primates that are kept as captive animals. However, since gorillas are classified as endangered. And critically endangered by the IUCN Red List, they are exempt from the act. 

So technically, it is legal to pet a gorilla in the US, provided certain conditions are met. 

However, there have been cases where people have been fined for attempting to pet gorillas. If though they were not breaking any laws. 

So it’s a good idea to check with your local authorities before getting too close to these powerful creatures.

Final Notes:

In conclusion, gorillas can swim. But they are not as good at it as humans. So instead, gorillas use their arms and legs to move through the water. 

But humans use their whole bodies. So swimming is a great way to stay cool in the summer and avoid being eaten by predators. 

Humans and gorillas are both primates, so they share some standard features. 

These include solid arms and legs that allow them to move through dense vegetation and water.


Q. Can Baby Gorillas Swim?

A. Yes, baby gorillas can swim. However, they are not very good at it and usually get water all over themselves.

Q. Can Monkeys swim?

A. Monkeys can swim. But they are not very good at it. They usually use their hands to help them move through the water.

Q. Can gorillas learn to swim?

A. Of course, gorillas learn to swim. Also, they swim well after some practice.

Q. Can silverback gorillas swim?

A. Yes, silverback gorillas can swim. They use their arms and legs to move through the water.

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