Can Kangaroos Swim? Answer May Surprise You!

can kangaroos swim

Kangaroos are marsupials that live in Australia. They are adept at moving across the land. But can kangaroos swim? 

Of course, kangaroos can swim, and they do it often. For example, they swim when crossing a river, lake, or pond. 

Suppose a kangaroo finds itself in water. It will use its strong front legs to paddle and kick its way to safety. 

It is a common misconception that kangaroos are unable to swim. In fact, not only can kangaroos swim. 

But they are strong swimmers! We often see kangaroos travel up to 6 km offshore and swim across rivers.

So this is their natural habitat as wildlife! 

However, there is a lot to know about this habitat. So let’s begin!

Can Kangaroos Swim?


We all know that kangaroos are excellent jumpers. But can kangaroos swim? Yes, kangaroos can swim

They spend most of their time on land. Kangaroos are strong swimmers and can swim long distances. 

When swimming, kangaroos use their powerful tails to propel themselves through the water. They also use their front legs to paddle. 

But these wild animals only swim when they need to cross a big body of water, such as a river or lake.

However, we often see kangaroos swimming in lakes, ponds, and the sea.

How Do Kangaroos Swim?

Kangaroos are exciting animals. They are marsupials and carry their young in a pouch. 

They are also good swimmers. But how do kangaroos swim? 

Kangaroos are good swimmers because they have strong hind legs. In addition, their back legs are muscular, and they use them to paddle through the water. 

They also have a long tail that they use for balance. As a result, kangaroos can swim for long distances. They can even dive underwater. 

So, how do kangaroos swim? They use their strong hind legs to paddle through the water and their long tail to help them balance. 

Kangaroos have webbed feet. So, they can swim in deep water and even move quickly through the water. 

When kangaroos swim, their bodies float in the water. Their heads and tails are the only parts that touch the water.

Why Do Kangaroos Swim?

Kangaroos are known for their ability to bound across the Australian Outback. But they are also proficient swimmers. 

Many kangaroos live near water and swim or wander in the shallows. So why do kangaroos swim? 

For one, it helps them escape predators. Kangaroos have few natural predators. But dingoes and large birds of prey can attack them.

Suppose a kangaroo is being chased by one of these predators. It may jump into a body of water to escape. 

Swimming also helps kangaroos cool down. Kangaroos are native to Australia, which is a very hot continent.

By jumping into a lake or river, kangaroos can lower their body temperature and avoid overheating.

Is Swiming Good For Kangaroos?

Can Kangaroos Swim

Kangaroos swim to cool off during hot weather. In addition, kangaroos may relieve stress by swimming.

In addition, swimming provides a form of exercise for kangaroos and helps them stay healthy and fit. So, is swimming good for kangaroos? Yes, definitely!

Benefits Of Swimming For Kangaroos?

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and also a lot of fun. But did you know that swimming can also be beneficial for kangaroos?

Here are some of the benefits of swimming for kangaroos: 

1. Swimming helps to keep kangaroos cool in the hot Australian sun. 2. Swimming is an excellent exercise that keeps kangaroos healthy and fit.

3. Swimming may improve a kangaroo’s balance and coordination. So next time you’re in the pool, invite your kangaroo friend to swim.

Why Do Kangaroos Go In the Water?

There are many reasons why kangaroos go in the water. One reason is to cool off from the heat. 

Another reason is to escape from predators. And lastly, kangaroos may go into the water to find food. 

Kangaroos are native to Australia and may be found in various habitats, including forests, woods, grasslands, and deserts. 

Kangaroos consume plants and leaves inside the wild. In addition, they’re strong swimmers and typically swim in rivers and lakes.

Are Kangaroos Dangerous in Water?

Though they are often associated with the hot, dry Outback, kangaroos are good swimmers. In addition, they are known to use waterways to escape predators and extreme temperatures.

However, that does not mean they can safely approach the water. Kangaroos are generally shy creatures. But can be aggressive if they feel threatened. 

Their powerful legs and sharp claws can cause serious injury if you’re not careful. So it’s best to admire these creatures from a distance, both in and out of the water.

How Long Can A Kangaroo Swim?

Kangaroos are not built for swimming. Instead, their long, slim bodies are better for hopping than paddling.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t get in the water from time to time. On the contrary, kangaroos are strong swimmers and can stay afloat for long periods.

 How long can a kangaroo swim? That depends on the individual kangaroo and the conditions of the water.

Some kangaroos have been known to swim for hours at a time. Others tire more quickly. 

Kangaroos can swim for a time before exhausting themselves. So don’t be surprised if you see a kangaroo near the water.

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How to Train A Kangaroo to Swim?

Kangaroos are not natural swimmers. But with some patience and training, they can be taught how to swim.

 Here are a few tips on how to train a kangaroo to swim: 

1. Start by acclimating the kangaroo to water. They may be introduced to shallow pools gradually. Let them get used to being wet and teach them to swim.

2. After the kangaroo is comfortable in shallow water. Then, you can start working on deeper water levels. Use a leash or rope to help the kangaroo while it paddles.

3. Be patient and consistent with your training sessions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, kangaroos are not naturally good swimmers. But can swim if they need to. 

They are moderate swimmers and can travel a few distances if needed. So if you see a kangaroo in the water, don’t be alarmed. They’re just taking a dip!


Q. Can kangaroos swim fast?

A. No, they cannot swim fast. They are not built for swimming, and their legs are too short to generate much power.

Q. How far can a kangaroo swim?

A. A kangaroo can swim for a short distance. But they are not good swimmers. So they can only swim for a few meters before resting.

Q. Do kangaroos swim in the ocean?

A. Usually, they don’t like to swim in the ocean. They’re land animals. Sometimes, you can see kangaroos swimming in fewer parts of the sea in Australia. And they don’t have webbed feet like ducks or other water birds.

Q. Can kangaroos swim with the baby?

A. Yes, kangaroos can swim with their babies. They can hold their young in their pouches while swimming.

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