Do Dogs Get Jealous of Other Pets in The House?

do dogs get jealous of other pets in the house

Undoubtedly, dogs are among the most adopted pets in the United States and globally. The reason for it is they are very friendly, playful, and loyal to their owners. But what if there are other pets inside the same house? So do dogs get jealous of other pets in the house?

However, the answer is yes. Dogs are social animals, and like other pets in a household, they can get jealous of other animals. 

Usually, dogs feel jealousy for other pets of insecurity or envy, which can display in different ways.

Therefore, dogs may become aggressive or territorial when they’re jealous. They can also display signs of distress such as pacing, panting, or hiding. 

Suppose you see your dog is exhibiting these behaviors. In that case, it’s essential to work with a vet to determine the cause and find a solution.

Theories About Why Dogs Exhibit Jealousy

There are many theories about why dogs exhibit jealousy. One idea is that jealousy is a way for dogs to protect their pack. 

Another theory is that jealousy is a way for dogs to compete with each other for their owner’s attention. 

Still another theory is that jealousy is simply a response to feeling threatened. Ideas about why dogs exhibit jealousy are just that- theories. 

There isn’t one answer that’s right for all dogs. And different dogs will respond to these theories differently. 

What’s important is that you understand your dog’s behavior. And consider it when deciding how to care for them.

Do Dogs Get Jealous Of Other Pets In The House?

This is a question that many pet owners have asked. And perhaps it is hard to say for sure. However, some indications are that dogs may get jealous of other animals in the home. 

One theory suggests that when dogs feel left out or deprived of attention. They may become resentful and aggressive towards other creatures in the household. 

 Theory suggests that when one’s primary caregiver provides companionship to another animal. The dog may feel left out or neglected. 

In either case, it’s essential to be mindful of how your dog reacts. And ensure that they have plenty of boundaries. And lovesome attention from you and your other furry friends.

Do Dogs Get Jealous Of Other Pets In The House

Signs That Dogs Can Be Jealous

There is evidence that dogs can be jealous. For example, one study found that when shown dogs pictures of their owners, receiving attention from other people. 

They displayed signs of jealousy, such as increased barking and agitation. In another study, when dogs were allowed to play with a toy that belonged to their owner. But your dog was also being played with by another dog. 

And they showed signs of jealousy, such as refusing to play with the toy and becoming agitated. 

These findings suggest that dogs can experience jealousy. Furthermore, it may help explain why they react defensively when their owner spends time with another person.

Do Dogs Get Jealous When Seeing Human Love?

Some people say that dogs get jealous when they see their owners with other people. 

Others believe it’s just natural behavior and there is no reason to worry about it. It all comes down to your beliefs and how you handle the situation.

Dogs are often considered to be loyal and obedient animals. But is this always the case? 

A recent study has suggested that dogs may be jealous when witnessing human love. 

Researchers conducted the study at the University of California. Davis used a series of experiments to test this theory. 

The first experiment involved pairing different toys with different people. And observing how the dogs reacted. 

It found that the dogs became more interested in playing with the toy. But, of course, it’s when paired with their owner rather than another person. 

This suggests that the dogs viewed the owner as a substitute for the other person. 

The second experiment involved placing pictures of owners and strangers next to each other. And measuring how much time the dogs spent interacting with them. 

It’s found that the dogs spent more time interacting with owner photographs than stranger ones.

Does My Dog Get Jealous When I Love My Cat?

Some people say that dogs can become competitive or territorial. It’s when they feel they are losing out on attention. 

According to one study, up to 80% of dog owners believe their pet gets jealous. It’s when they spend time with another animal. 

Perhaps some dogs may react negatively to the presence of a cat. Others may show no outward signs and get along just fine. 

It all comes down to how each dog is raised and treated. For example, perhaps your dog has always been around cats. And has never shown any signs of jealousy. 

But, of course, he will unlikely do so now that you’ve brought home a new one. 

However, suppose your dog has always been territorial or reactive around other animals. 

Then, it’s like cats, and it’s best not to add another into the mix. You are first exploring whether he’ll accept the new pet.

When Do Dogs Feel Jealous Of Other Pets In The House?

When dogs feel jealous of other pets in the house, a few factors can contribute to their feelings. 

For example, dogs may be jealous if they feel another pet is getting more attention.

Perhaps their pet seems to be getting along better with another family member. Or when their pet is displaying signs of being dominant or aggressive. 

It’s essential to take these feelings seriously and address them head-on, as jealousy can lead to some destructive behaviors in dogs.

Can You Control Dogs Jealousy Of Other Pets?

Dogs are notorious for being loyal and protective of their families and friends. Still, some dogs can be jealous of other pets in the home. 

This can be a problem if one pet gets too much attention. Or if another pet is introduced into the family. 

Perhaps your dog reacts negatively to another pet in your home. There are a few things you can do to control jealousy and help keep everyone happy:

  1. Ensure your pets get plenty of exercise and socialization. So they’re not vying for your attention.
  2. Try introducing new pets gradually, so both pets are comfortable with the change.
  3. Be open about how you respond to jealous behavior. Let your pets know that they aren’t alone. And that you love them no matter what.

What To Do To Reduce Jealousy In Dogs?

How can you keep your dog from becoming jealous? Here are some tips: 

  • Make sure your dog has enough exercise and playtime. This will help him to feel happy and content and less likely to become jealous.
  • Please don’t give your dog too much attention or make him the center of your attention. This can lead to jealousy. So instead, provide him with plenty of regular petting and attention. But also allow him time alone to feel fulfilled. 
  • Perhaps your dog becomes jealous; take steps to diffuse the situation. This could involve playing together again or having a different activity altogether. 
  • Be careful not to let jealousy between dogs lead to aggression or other problems in the home.

Do Dogs Suffer From Depression Or Stress If They Are Jealous Of Other Pets?

Yes! Dogs suffer from depression and stress if they are jealous of other pets. 

Dogs often display signs of jealousy, such as barking and aggression. When they perceive their owner’s attention to be diverted away from them.

This can be incredibly stressful for dogs who depend on their owner’s attention to feel secure. 

In some cases, these behaviors may indicate a more severe condition, such as canine bipolar disorder. 

Suppose you notice that your dog is exhibiting signs of stress or depression. In that case, it is essential to seek help from a veterinarian.

Does Jealousy Exist In Other Animals?

Jealousy has been observed in various animals, from primates to rodents. It seems to be an essential social behavior and can have positive and negative consequences. 

In some cases, jealousy may protect the individual from being harmed by another animal. 

For example, female baboons may become jealous if another female encroaches on their territory. 

This may lead to violent clashes, with one of the females being killed or relocated.

On the other hand, jealousy can also lead to violence and conflict between groups of animals. For example, two groups of deer start fighting over a food source. 

It’s usually because one group has more members than the other and feels threatened.

The evidence suggests that jealousy does indeed exist in nonhuman species. 

For example, scientists have documented cases of lionesses and female baboons who kill the cubs of other females.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it seems that dogs do get jealous of other pets in the house. With so many people and animals around, it’s not surprising that some dogs feel insecure. 

Perhaps you have more than one pet, and your dog shows signs of jealousy. Then, investing in a pet fence or watching your dog closely when another pet is around might be a good idea. 

This way, you can prevent any fights from breaking out and keep everyone safe.

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