Kangal Dog Breed Information, Price, Appearance, Temperament, History, Training, Grooming, and More

kangal dog

Kangal dogs are a type of dog that originated in Turkey. They are generally considered to be working dogs. People use them for herding, guarding, and detecting livestock. 

Kangals are also famous for their curly hair, usually black or tawny. However, this Turkish breed is becoming increasingly popular in America. 

In general, it combines the best characteristics of both European and American dogs.

Kangal Dog Breed History

The Kangal Dog breed is a type of dog native to Turkey. The species was first bred in the 1800s. And became popular because of its hunting abilities. 

The Kangal Dog is considered to be a versatile breed. And can be used for hunting, farming, herding, and guarding.

Characteristics Profile (Table)

Kangal Dog Kangal Bite Force

Kangal is famous for its strong biting force. The Kangal dog’s bite can pack a punch. This is why they are used as guard dogs and fighting dogs.

The Kangal dog has a jaw almost twice the size of a regular dog’s jaw. This makes their bite much stronger. 

Their teeth are also sharpened to help them tear flesh.

Kangal Dog Kangal Bite Force

Kangal Dog Appearance

Kangal dogs are one of the unique dog breeds in the world. They have a special appearance, and many people are interested in them. 

Kangals look like a cross between a Turkish Angora and a German Shephard. 

They have long hair, usually black or brown, and big ears that stand out from their heads. 

They are generally very friendly and playful, and they make excellent pets.

Kangal Dog Temperament

The Kangal Dog is a medium-sized, solidly built dog with a robust and smooth coat. 

They have dark eyes and black or brown fur. Kangal are loyal and intelligent dogs. They are also known for their strong hunting instincts and ability to work in tight quarters.

The Kangal Dog is an active dog that needs plenty of exercises. They are good with children but can be protective of their family. 

Perhaps they feel they’re not given enough attention. But, on the other hand, they are usually gentle with other pets. 

But may show some aggression towards strangers if they think they’re being threatened or cornered.


Kangal dogs are Turkish shepherd dogs bred specifically for their Kangal hunting skills. 

These dogs are incredibly agile and have strong hunting instincts. 

They make great pets if you’re looking for an active dog. That is also friendly and easy to train. 

Kangals are lively and playful and love to play fetch and run around. 

They are usually not good with children, as they can be rough with them.

 But they make great pets for those who enjoy a lot of physical activity.


Turkish Kangal Dogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world. They are known for their energy and athleticism and make great family pets. 

However, like all dogs, Turkish Kangals need plenty of training to be obedient. And calm around people and other animals. 

Here is a list of some tips for training your Turkish Kangal Dog:

Start training early: The earlier your dog understands why commands are necessary. The easier it will be to teach them. 

Begin by teaching your dog basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. 

Once your dog has mastered these basics, you can begin working on more advanced commands.


There are a few things to remember when caring for a Kangal. First, their coat needs to be brushed regularly to avoid tangles. 

Their coat can also get matted if they’re not taken care of properly. So make sure you get it groomed at least once every six months. 

Kangals also need plenty of exercise. They’re usually very active dogs. So ensure you provide them with enough toys and games to keep them entertained. 

And an environment where they can run around freely without getting into trouble.

Kangals are considered to be healthy dogs overall.


Kangal dogs are often born with a common disease called distemper. 

Distemper is a viral infection that can cause severe coughing, fever, and diarrhea. If left untreated, it can be fatal. 

Kangal dogs are susceptible to distemper because they live close quarters with other animals. 

And their respiratory system is not as developed as a human’s. 

So it’s essential to get your Kangal dog against distemper. And keep them up-to-date on their vaccinations. So they don’t catch the virus from other animals.


The Kangal Dog requires a high-quality diet to support its muscular frame. And its energy levels as a working dog.

One of the key ingredients in the Kangal Dog’s diet is meat. A standard Kangal diet will contain around 40% protein. And higher than the 30% protein recommended for most dogs. 

This high protein level helps maintain muscle mass and support energy levels. Additionally, Kangals are omnivores and will eat a variety of food items. It includes fruits and vegetables.


Dog grooming is a process that helps to keep your pet looking their best. Kangals have short hair. It can get messy and matted quickly if not groomed regularly. 

Grooming can help to remove dead hair, prevent mats from forming, and clean the coat. 

It is also essential to check for any cuts or injuries and treat them as needed.

Food & Diet 

Kangal dogs need food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. 

It is essential for this breed because they have a high energy requirement. 

Kangals also need plenty of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. And their food should contain both meat and vegetables.

Kangal Dog Price In The United States

Kangal Dog is a Turkish breed of dog popular in the United States. The average price of a Kangal dog in the United States ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. 

Kangals are used as guard dogs and working dogs. They are also popular as pets. 

There are many pet stores in the US where you can find Kangal puppies for sale.

Kangal Dog Lifespan

Kangal Dog lifespan is 12-14 years. They are medium size dogs and have thick coats. 

Kangals are very active dogs and require a lot of exercises. However, they make good family pets and are loyal to their families.

Is Kangal Good Guard Dogs?

Many believe the Kangal is a good guard dog. Because of its aggressive and territorial instincts. However, kangals are the perfect guard dogs for providing security. 

They are intelligent, strong, and protective of their families. Kangals are also known to be good with children and other animals.

Are Kangals Good Family Dogs?

Turkish Kangals are considered to be good family dogs. They are gentle and loving animals that make great pets for families. 

Turkish Kangals are known for their playful nature and intense loyalty to their families. 

They also make good watchdogs since they are alert and watchful of their surroundings.

How To Find Turkish Kangal For Sale In The U.S?

Are you looking for a Turkish kangal dog? If so, you’re lucky – plenty of them are for sale in the United States. 

Turkish kangals are not challenging to find, unlike many other breeds of dogs. You can find them online or at pet stores across the country. 

Before you buy one, though, be sure to do your research first. Here are some tips on how to find and purchase a Turkish Kangal: 

1. Start by searching online. There are plenty of websites that sell Turkish kangals, both brick-and-mortar and online. However, research before purchasing, as some of these sites may be scams. 

2. Check out local pet stores. Unfortunately, not all pet stores carry Turkish kangs. But chances are good that you’ll be able to find one near you if you look hard enough.

Kangal Breeders: How To Buy A Kangal Dog?

Perhaps you’re looking for a loyal, playful, and friendly dog. Then, a Kangal may be the perfect choice for you. 

When deciding which Kangal puppy to buy? It’s essential to consider your lifestyle and needs. 

These dogs are typically good with children. But you can also be quite active and need plenty of exercises. 

It’s also important to consider the puppy size you’re interested in. Some are smaller than others. 

Perhaps you’re ready to adopt a Kangal pup. There are several ways to do so. You can adopt through your local dog rescue or shelter, contact a breeder, or head to your nearest pet store. 

Perhaps you have a dog-friendly yard and are willing to put in the time and effort needed for training. Kangals make excellent pets for families with children.

Anatolian Shepherd vs Kangal

The Anatolian Shepherd is a type of sheepdog. That originates from the region of Anatolia in Turkey. 

The Kangal is a type of dog that is native to the region of Kangal in southeastern Turkey. Both dogs are similar in appearance, but they have some key differences. 

The Anatolian Shepherd is taller than the Kangal, and has a longer snout. The Anatolian shepherd also has a heavier build than the Kangal. And its coat can be either black or brown. 

The Kangal is smaller than the Anatolian shepherd, and its coat can be either white or yellow. The main difference between the two dogs is their temperament. 

The Anatolian shepherd is considered to be more aggressive than the Kangal, and it can be difficult to train one of these dogs to behave calmly.

Kangal vs Wolf: Who Is Stronger?

The debate of who is more robust, the Kangal or the wolf, has been a topic of discussion for centuries. 

Some say that the Kangal is stronger than the wolf. But others believe that the wolf is stronger than the Kangal. 

However, there is no clear answer as to who is indeed stronger. It is often hard to determine which animal is truly more powerful. 

One reason it can be challenging to determine who is stronger may be their size difference. 

The Kangal weighs around 30-50 pounds. But the average adult wolf weighs about 100-150 pounds. 

This size difference can make it difficult for either animal to overpower another. 

Additionally, both animals are known for being able to run very fast and jump high.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Kangal dog is a versatile breed. That can serve as a house pet, working dog, herding dog, or watchdog. 

They are also known for their playful and friendly personalities. It makes them excellent companions. 

So suppose you’re looking for a loyal and fun-loving pet. Then, the Kangal dog may be the perfect option!


Q. How much is a Kangal dog?

A. A Kangal dog is typically around 18-24 inches tall and weighs between 25 and 45 pounds.

Q. Are kangals legal in the us?

A. In general, kangals are not considered a legal breed in most states. But some may have specific exceptions. 

It is always best to consult with a local attorney or animal welfare organization. It’s just to understand the legality of kangals in your area.

Q. Can a Kangal kill a wolf?

A. Kangals are not wolves and can’t kill them. However, it depends on the individual wolf and Kangal. 

Some wolves may be able to kill a Kangal, while others may not be able to.

Q. Are Kangal dogs dangerous?

A. Kangal dogs are not typically considered dangerous. But like any other dog, they can bite if provoked. 

Kangals are bred in Turkey as working dogs. And their temperament is usually very calm and friendly.

Q. Are Kangals aggressive?

A. Kangals are not naturally aggressive. But can become territorial if they feel threatened.

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